Adobe HTML5 Camp NYC

I attended the HTML5 Camp in NYC last week and wanted to go over some of the big takeaways for me.

1. Dreamweaver’s jQuery and PhoneGap tools are incredible. I’ve been playing around with PhoneGap in my spare time, and I wish I had seen the demo a few weeks ago :) Google around and check out other posts on people doing PhoneGap and jQuery mobile projects with Dreamweaver.

2. Adobe Edge looks to be the best tool for quickly creating HTML5 animations visually. Like mentioned during the session. It feels a lot like After Effects. One of Rain’s own, Dave Nibley, did some great examples that were featured heavily in the presentation. Dave is going to be speaking about Edge at Max this year. Go buy tickets to Max if you haven’t yet.

3. The expressive web project is unbelievably cool. I had seen it before the camp, but didn’t know all that had gone into it. One of the guys from Big Spaceship who worked on it went through all the painstaking efforts required to bring their ideas to fruition. This project is the best showcase I’ve seen of HTML5 capabilities. One thought that I kept having was how much easier that project would have been if they had done it in Flash, but HTML5 is getting great tools and powerful capabilities that help decrease that gap more and more.

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